Mantra (Lecture Excerpt)

Mantra (Lecture Excerpt) Mantra is a sound formula. It is a vibratory composition. Commonly people understand stutis and shlokas as mantras, but real mantras do not carry any dictionary words. A mantra is just a sound graph.There are three types of mantras: female, male and eunuch. Each type of mantra creates its own effect. What […]

State of Today’s Indian Classical Music Concerts

State of Today’s Indian Classical Music Concerts A musician needs two types of people in the audience – those who really understand the depth of the music and those who may not understand its full depth, but offer financial support for the musician. Commercial music concerts of Indian classical music have changed over the last […]

Runa Mukti

Runa Mukti – A Beautiful Concept In Indian culture, the concept of indebtedness or obligation plays a strong role. As humans, we are being obliged by God, children have an obligation towards their parents, students are indebted to their teachers. In Guru-shishya parampara*, it is a student’s right to learn and the teacher’s right to […]

Rhythm in Plants, Laya in Everything

Rhythm in Plants, Laya in Everything I always tell my students that music has to be digested. Laya (variations of rhythm) have to become a part of you. The experience that one gets when music becomes apart of your being is incredibly beautiful. Today, I was re-designing the layout of my garden. I have over […]

Finding a Tabla Teacher

Finding a Tabla Teacher Today, a young man and his father came to my music school. The son wanted to take tabla lessons at our institute and he had been referred to me by a music friend of mine. At Rhythm Riders, we take very few new local students as a quality control measure more […]